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      [b]Hi all,
      look here n tell every1 if it has happen 2 u n help eachother. My son’s father did a runner, and when i told him i was preg he told me not 2 tell n e 1 n 2 just dump my son when he was born i didn’t i was stronger than him head up girls. I was 15 when i found out had my son at 16 im not 19 n my son is 3 in 2weeks and his father has not seen him.

      1) Has ur lad done a runner??
      2) Did he tell u 2 get rid of the baby??
      3) Has he sed is the baby mine?

      This is wot my son’s father sed 2 me wot about u lot??

      Love Jemma

      PS Be strong even mum’s and mum’s 2 b ur not on ur own.[/b] 🙂

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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