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      I am 29 weeks pregnant with my first lil one and life seems pretty good! Me and my boyfreind have not been together long before i got pregnant but id already met his mam and been invited to family partys and everything so i thought i had been welcome.
      So when i found out i was pregnant and told them they all seemed really happy but suddenly eveything has seemed to of changed.

      My boyfreind admitted to me that his mam is having a party but i’m not ment to know about it. All the females in his family are going but im not getting an invite. Instead his EX GIRLFRIEND that he was with way before he met me has been invited πŸ™ so now im feeling really low. It seems that i havent been accepted into his family but she is still very much apart of it even after all these years. So if they arent accepting me are they going to accept my baby?

      She has no ties to his family! I have there own blood growing inside my tummy. I don’t know what i can do to make them want me there. I was feeling really lonely before but now its ridiculous, i feel like i have no one.



        aw darling πŸ™ thats not very nice at all!
        maybe you are invited because you and your boyfriend are together and having a child so she must think that maybe you would automatically come, i dunno. Just trying to find something, cause that may be the answer.
        If they seemed happy about it then, then they should still be happy about it now. Dont be depressed over it hun, it will be okay.
        If not, talk to your boyfriends mum about it, sit her down and ask her whats going on. It may be confronting BUT its what you need to do. And also confront her about your boyfriends EX girlfriend. That isnt very nice to invite her. Its kinda mean.
        i hope everything is okay πŸ™‚


          ur situation is kinda difficult…all i can offer right now is just be patient maybe with time they will turn around….


            hey hon you really need to tell your bf how you feel about this.n maybe even talk stight up with his mom cause maybe just maybe you will marry her son one day n than whats going to go on.hes not still tyed to his x i hope friends whatever my hubby was friends with his x for a while i ended that i told him me n your family or her n he made his choice i feel an x is an x for a reason def talk to her or have your bf if you dont feel comf. tell her everything youve said here. get it off your chest maybe you still wont be invited which is wrong n i would ask why not but trust me you will so much better telling them how you feel n ask them if they are going to accapet your baby cause its also her sons baby.


              If they treat you like that then you never know. My own family did that to me so I kind of know where your coming from, but you still have your boyfriend. Ask him to spend time with you just because he loves you.


                Hi, im kinda going through this in a different partners been told not asked to be best man of his mates wedding.he is getting partnered up with this chick that is in love with him.i know its his baest mate but wat im suppose to sit there by myself around people i dnt know while my bf is danicing eating,having photos ect with this other chick!!!this makes me so angry people can be so inconciderate!!!…your bf shudnt go n if they say he must be there he should say "she(refering to you) is my girlfriend,if she cant come then sorry neither can i"this is wat i expect my bf to do but say ill still come but not be part of the bridal party..i hope things work out for you,just tell him how you feel,even better put it on his parents,ask what is there problem..good luck with this,hope to hear back from you…daniella


                  If I were you, I would express to my boyfriend that I wasn’t happy with the way I was being treated, and I didn’t think that it was cool for his family to invite his EX. And then I would explain that having a baby would require support from BOTH families,not just yours. And after that, I would go on about my business like it didn’t bother me at all.

                  But that’s just me, and I’m only 15 too.


                    Thanks for all the advice πŸ™‚ I have calmed down a bit since i wrote. His mam has now asked us to move in but i am gona tell her straight that if she really does want us there [us meaning not only me but my child] than she has to be totally honest and have no secrets and also that his Ex is to have no contact with my child as there is no reason for any!
                    i just gota put it in words so that she doesnt kick off and change her mind about the move!


                      hey there!
                      I saw this happen once with a couple. Where the ex gf was coming over and they asked the actual gf to stay home. They asked this because they knew that she would be there and didn’t want there to be tensions or the new gf to feel uncomfortable. I know if that were to happen to me I would feel the exact same way as you do. But overall, it’s probably not as bad as you think it is. However if it makes you feel really bad still (as it would for me) I would talk to your own mom or family first and get some feedback from an older source and then approach your bf and then maybe approach his mom and get the scoop.
                      And keep in mind most of the time these things feel a lot worse then it really is. Keep your head up it’ll be okay ^_^


                        this would be hard on you to just dump you there on the spot and not tell you why. I hate it when people are like this.
                        I dunno whether i would even wanna speak to her again. Maybe she is doing it to spite you if you get what i mean.. I hope it gets worked out for your sake

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