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      Hey I’m Dyno, I’m 18 & 6 months pregnant. I am having some major stress issues though. About 5 years ago we lost my younger brother to a drunk driver, which was a major trama on my whole family. My son Valentine is due exactly 2 weeks after my brother birthday.

      This wouldn’t bother much if it wasn’t for the fact now everything (absolutly everything) is bout my brother. How Valentine will be like him, buying him clothes that my brother would have liked, trying to conivince me to give Valentine his middle name.. everything. My mum isn’t getting how much it upsets me. I know she misses Lukas.. but she has to under stand that Valentine isn’t Lukas.

      On top of that, she’s Bi polar. Still completely in denial. I don’t know how to let my mum know how I feel. I am glad she’s excited for Valentine.. I really am, but she’s putting so much stress on this… 🙁

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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