false positive?

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      today i took Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test but only one i didnt really read the directions but i took alot of tests so i figured i knew how to do it. i put it under my urine stream somewhere around 10 seconds. i was trying to look it up online n some people said the strip was suppossed to turn pink but it didnt n something about tests and a test holder..idkk..im still having the symptoms that ive been having which made me think that i am pregant..but i was looking at reviews online and alot of people said they got false positives so now im worried that its false. has anyone used it?


        false positives are not very common. Some women read the test after it’s sat awhile(longer than 10 min) and they get what’s called an evap. line and they assume they got a false positive but really they just waited to long to read the test. And only some test are suppose to turn pink when you pee on them you might not have gotten one of them look at the box. If your not sure try another test maybe even another brand if you think they’re not reliable! GOOD LUCK!


          i dont really understand ur post…

          but… u can get false negatives.. .quite easily.. i had 3 and im 19 weeks pregnant on tues!
          um… u dont normally get a false positive.. unless u do the test too early or not right…
          u need to check the instructions on the packet…
          and my bets advice would be to see a doctor.. thats the best way to sort it out!

          they are confidential and cant tell ur parents if ur under 16 etc…

          um… try to explain ur question.. did u get a negitive or positive test ?



            i got a positive result.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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