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      Well I’m 16 weeks 5/6 days. My grandma is helping em get a place., and im so excited. but im so scared because I have to take on the responsibilities of wife/mom and im just scared to grow up so young.. im getting married soon.. ahh im freaked out.. btu excited. im also scared to be a mom..


        i hope all goes well for you!! i am only 18 and i was scared about being a mom at first too but the closer you get the more excited you get and i mean i am sill scared but i know God doesn’t throw you anything in life he don’t think you can handle!! Everything happens for a reason! now the marriage thing i dont know what to say about that cuz me and my boyfriend have decided we are not ready for that yet! but keep me posted! when is your due date? mine is february 11! so close i can’t wait!!


          Hey I’m 15 weeks and 4days and I’m in the same situation as you! I’m going to be getting married soon and being a wife and mom and I just turned 18! I’m very excited about the baby I find out what I’m having Feb. 13th and I can’t wait! But when I think about the fact I’m in charge of how this babies life will turn out and any little thing I do will change his/her life! But good luck I’m sure we will both do fine just a little nervous! You can check around some hospitals offer free parenting classes to help you prepare! I think I’m going to take it!


            Looking back at my own young marriage and first having a baby, I didn’t take advantage of offers of babysitting. My husband and I could have used more fun without my son around, but we felt strange about leaving him. If you have folks you trust, take advantage of offers to give yourself time with your husband and/or friends once in a while.
            Also, network with other young (or old) moms who can relate to having baby blues, being surrounded by dirty diapers all day, and being isolated if you don’t work. I had postpartum depression after my firstborn and I thought I was weird or something to feel the way I felt, so I kept it inside. I think the parenting classes mentioned are a great idea, not only for obvious reasons, but you may make a new friend in the process. When in doubt about something that affects your baby, don’t hesitate to ask a pediatrician or someone with experience for advice and/or help. You’ll do great!


              its probably nerves playing up too.I had the feelings of ‘am i gong to be good mum d will i cope’. Its all a normal feeling.

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