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      i am 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant. not long until i have my babygirl Malorie Grace. I am really short and petite, so there coudl be complications with my baby and i could come earlier than expected. which isnt all bad but i want her tobe fully healthy and developed. i am scared for her even though the doctors say me and her are in prefect health.
      The father Josh is not in the picture. He ran not long after she was concieved and even though he does know about her, he does not come around. i do wish he was around, but then i think if he is going to be like this then why bother?
      My education is extremely important to me right now becasue i want to create an amazing future for my daughter
      all this going on i am surprised i breathe…..
      anyone else going through what i am or close to it


        Your physical size and height have nothing to do with your ability to successfully birth a baby…it is about your internal sizes, your pelvic bones in particular, my mom was attempting to have my sister at home and she got stuck, her pelvic bone was in the way, turned out that my sister had the cord around her neck twice and that they had to help my mom hold her legs at a crooked angle to help my sister make it out….I don’t say this to scare you but I share it to tell you that worst case scenario there are all kinds of interventions that will assist in helping you and baby make it through labor and delivery safely….I didn’t get nervous with my first until I was in the hospital realizing I was not leaving until baby was out….you get that roller coaster feeling in your tummy, its exciting and scary all at the same time…just hang on for the ride, do you have anyone going with you or staying in the room with you? Most labor and delivery nurses are so wonderful, they are used to being with uncomfortable women who are in pain every day so they tend to be sensitive to your needs but it is always nice to have a friend, parent or whoever with you….You will be fine and I can’t wait to hear that you and baby are home recovering…Love Meg

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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