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      People might think im crazy, but i just wish and pray that im pregnant. its honestly all i want in the world.

      id never ever be able to have another abortion. i wouldnt put myself or my baby through it every again. and ill be eighteen in a couple of months. at least thats something.

      who am i kidding of course im not going to get pregnant


        I want you to know that this overwhelming desire to be pregnant is completely normal after going through an abortion. Lots of girls experience it, so don’t be saying that you’re crazy or anything!


          i had an abortion about 4months ago and since ive been despirate to be a mum too, but i know i will be someday so just got to be patient


            I totally relate with you wanting to get pregnant and become a mom. I had an abortion when I was 16 and wanted to be a mom sooooo bad. I got pregnant two months before I turned 18 and now my daughter is almost 6. My advice however would be to wait until your married. My daughter has and still does suffer from her father not being in her life. And the chances of the father being around or you being with him are slim if you are not married. So think of it as doing something for your future child. Spare them that pain of not having a father figure around and wait until you know or have a greater chance of offering them a stable mom and dad. I wish you the best no matter what you decide to do. But it is very hard to look at your child in pain and know that it was because you were selfish. I am here anytime to chat. Jessica


              Hi I also relate to you with wanting a child after abortion.

              I had an abortion when i was 13 years old going on 14. Since then i wanted a child because i missed the baby i never got to know. My mom put me on birth control and didnt want me to get pregnant again until i was married and after med school. I am now 17 years old going on 18 and just found out I’m 5 weeks pregnant. I havent told my mom yet but me and my soon to be husband planned this, he wanted a child and so did I and we are definatly not having “puppy love” this is real love. I know im still young but i should of had that child when i was 13 now God is giving me another chance to give a life. I just hope you think about your future and about your relationship, my boyfriends family is very supportive and will let me move in with them and help with everything.

              Just know your feelings are common after abortion and make the right choices and when it’s the right time for you it will happen. I prayed exactly like you did and he will answer!


                i think any girl who goes for a abortion or has a miscarriage,
                at some point longs for the feelling of a baby inside them.
                i know i did- i mis carried in april i hit huge depression,
                now im 15 weeks pregnant and i got my full familys support and that of my boyfriends
                its going to be hard yes but its a chance im willing to take.
                i know that i will give my all for that child- to give it a good life.
                i know for a fact even if things dnt work out between
                the father and i – he will never abandon his child.
                but good luck hun!:cheer:


                  I can really relate to you hunni I’ve been longing to be a mother for almost a year and a half now…Its a pain no one else can know to lose a child. I had an early miscarriage in March and although it was so early my sense of loss is no less…Just leave it up to God…he will decide when the time is right regardless of what society says…when it happens its supposed to happen. Good Luck 🙂


                    I’m very happy that I’ve found this thread, I’m 19 and 16 months ago I had an abortion… It’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and it haunts me every day. I thought that wanting a baby as desperately as I do was a sign that I was going off the deep end, but I’m glad to know that I am not alone in feeling this way.

                    I am very glad for those of you that have conceived again and I wish you all a happy and healthy pregnancy:)


                      i feel the same way everyday- i had my abortion 7 months ago, i was 15weeks and 3days gone. I thought i was the only person who felt like this!
                      i want a baby so much- no i want my baby back!
                      all i want is to a be a mummy!!


                        hi there,
                        i cant relate to the point that i had a miscarriage, but i do long for a baby so much. Sometimes its all i can think about but i dont know if it will be the wrong choice. I feel that im ready…

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