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      i have question to ask for any one who sound enough to answer is that i got married for 8 weeks and my wife ultrasound image shows that baby is 10 weeks .Does baby can grow faster or my wife is betraying me i have a serious doubt.


        My name is Rachel and I help Becky out with the StandUpGirl website.

        I’m not exactly sure what you were asking about in your post, but I guess it’s about the development of your baby. If you’re wondering about her showing or anything like that, know that everyone is very different during pregnancy.

        But to know about Fetal Development, I would strongly suggest that you go to the "Inside Scene" button on the left menubar on this site, and you can click on "Overview", and also check out the 3D Ultrasound link. We have some great pictures here that you can see.

        Also on "Girl Help", (even though you’re a guy!) click on "Support Links" and there are some good websites listed there that you can read more about this topic.

        My email address is Rachel@StandUpGirl.com if you need more sources. I hope you find what you’re looking for! 😉

        Congratulations on your baby!!!



          Pregnancy is dated strangely. They start counting the weeks starting on the first day of the mother’s last period. But conception can’t happen until she ovulates, which is usually about 2 weeks later. So the baby’s actual age is always two weeks younger than the official length of the pregnancy. For example – I am considered 15 weeks pregnant now, but I actually conceived the baby 13 weeks ago at the end of February. So you could say that your wife is 10 weeks pregnant and your baby is 8 weeks old. It sounds like you had a fruitful honeymoon. Congratulations!

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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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