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      My Mother found out last night that i was pregnant iv know for a week(this in know way was planned). I’m 16 a sophomore in high school i don’t need the baby s dad nor does he wanna be here but my bf josh is stepping in and is gonna be the daddy. My issue here is my moms forcing me 2 either get an ABORTION OR GET OUT in her own words i already love this child and know if i killed this child it would break my limits… I guess what im asking is how do i tell her NO! The abortion appointment is Mon 2marrow im horrified scared i pray someone will help me out here i know its not gonna b an easy journey and id never bring a child in the world if i didn’t think it was the right thing 2 do. THANK U 🙁


        Hi Hun 🙂
        Firstly, I have to commend you on being so brave for standing up for your baby, it really takes guts to stand up and take responsibilitiy like this. And with regard to your question, the easiest way to say no is to just come out and say it… Your mom is scared and concerned about you and as F@cked up as it seems… it’s her way of trying to protect you from what she sees as making a mistake.
        Believe it or not parents need reassurance too, so sit down with her, hahve your bf there (and maybe another adult who you trust, just to help your mom keep her cool) and try to put her mind at ease.

        Make a plan wiht your bf too, show her that you guys are serious about this and that you know what you’re letting yourselves in for. Reassure her that you will finish school and that this is not the end of your life… it’s the start of a new one.
        If she’s still stubborn, get her to read testimonials or blogs by girls who have had abortions and are still suffering the after affects of it. It’l really wake her up.

        I wish you all the luck in the world with your mom and for a healthy pregnancy.



          I hope this finds you still preg.
          You mother can not force you into abortion and for her to try is very wrong.

          You are young but it is your choice. As long as you plan to support your child she should support your choice.

          My advice is leave, Im sure a friend would let you stay with them for a few days at least.

          You are preg now and you need to take care of your baby, if it means moving out and getting a job then thats what you have to do. You cant expect anyone to support you.

          As for your mom. Shes harsh and pushy right now but Im betting she is only looking out for you, and trying to protect you. Dont be to harsh on her, let her know how you feel and tell her you may be young but this is what you think is best and if needed you will move. Stay calm if she yells dont yell back.

          I wish you the best of luck


            hey i know where you’re coming from, i was 15 when i was first pregnant with my daughter and in the end after not believing in abortion althoughn my dad wanted me to get one i said no,my mom said i had to give her up for adoption or i couldnt live at home anymore.. so when i gave birth to my daughter since i chose to keep her i was then living on my own at 16,and although i had there support except my stepdads they all came around and everyone loves my little princess whom just turned 2 on the 31st. and now i have a little boy who will be 2 months on jan 23rd. soo do what you’re heart tells you but remeber its YOUR baby and NO ONE can make you do anything you DONT WANNA DO,NO MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE.


              Hey hun, NOBODY can legally force you to have a abortion. I’ve went through a situation like yours and its best to stand up for your baby. My mom told me EVERYDAY up till I was 3 months that if I wont get a abortion she will kick me out. She did for a week. Then begged me to come back. Now she says she respects me for making the right choice in keeping the baby and that I’ve done a wonderful thing. When once I was really down telling me how I think I messed up my life she said ” When you will look your baby in the eyes THEN say it was a mistake because by choosing life you did a wonderful thing that is NOT a mistake. Don’t worry I will help you through this,”…You need to give your parents couple of months to come to their senses because its just a process that brings up a lot of emotions but they will see a blessing in your situation…For now you just got to stand up for the baby like a real mother should. Be strong hun and don’t do anything you don’t want to because it will be a burden that YOU will carry. My mom also told me few days ago ” You would of messed up your life if you did get a abortion and regret it for the rest of your life,” and she said she is proud of me because of how I faught for what I believe in.


                BY THE WAY I’m 15 and 30 weeks pregnant and will be 16 on JAN 19

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