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      It was your birthday yesterday. Our baby Girl had to leave us so early…we dont know why you came for such a short time… all we know is we were blessed with every second we had you…I ache for you every morning and cry for you every night. Your little shoes still are unseparable from my person. You went in with a cold and never came out. I think of you without thinking… I dream of you without dreaming. You were the most precious daughter anyone could ask for, everyone loved you. Yesterday you would have been two. What taking your life was accomplished I wasnt meant to know, just do your job baby… you had better be visiting me, Every time I see a little girl my heart tugs, it had better be you giving my heart a little hug… I love you baby… Happy birthday.


        Happy Birthday sweet angel.
        I’m sure in some ways she would be talking to you, giving you little signs that she is watching over you.
        I feel so sorry that you had to deal with this.


          Happy Birthday, sweet baby Kennah.

          we all love you dev. stay strong mama.


            happy birthday kennah!
            your momma loves you forever :]
            watch over her!


              Happy Birthday Kennah.
              Lots of love, you are a strong woman Devyn, I am sure she is watching over you and your husband from heaven.


                Happy Birthday darling Angel, watch over your mommy and daddy…send them kisses because they miss you…

                You’re all in my prayers Devyn
                God Bless

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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