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      okay, i recently found out that i’m pregnant. i’ve been having really bad pains in my lower abdomen. i went to the emergency room last night and they said it’s too soon to tell. i’m not bleeding so i’ve ruled out miscarriage as of yet. anyone know anything about ectopic pregnancy? i need some help. my boyfriend and i are really worried about our baby. thanks.


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      okay so i’ve been in and out of the hospital for the past week. i have two more appointments to follow up on this whole ectopic pregnancy thing. the cramps have mostly stopped. i only get them once in a while now and they’re definitely not so bad…by the way, i’m only about 6 weeks pregnant… yeah i have an ultrasound this coming thursday (4/28/05) and then an appointment friday and they should then be able to tell me what’s going on. i think the baby is fine but i just wanna make sure. thanks for the help and advice ladies.

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        how far along are you?
        if the pain continues definately go back in and insist they do an ultrasound.


          Hey i looked it up and its when your baby grows out of the uterus and can be VERY DANGEROUS and can cause death of the baby and women it can b cured if u go get it checked early so if possible see a doctor soon Good Luck
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            Well first i will tell you… i am 11 weeks 5 days. i’ve had cramping almost every day since conception. I also experienced implantation bleeding and had some spotting when i would have had AF. I got so stressed out…for nothing. RELAX..
            your cramps could be a sign of eptopic. or they could be linear ligament pains (growing pains) bloating/ gas or stress. regardless of the cause…you can’t change it. try to stay relaxed for your baby, keep in touch with your doc and stay comfy.
            best wishes for a happy 9 months :kiss:

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