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      Ive heard stories of foods that can kill the baby….i dnt wanna take a chance eating any of those foods. i kno that blue cheese and ricotta cheese can do harm….does ne 1ne kno if there are other foods that i can avoid? plz help me…


        Peanuts aren’t good for pregnant girls.
        Soft serve ice cream
        Cold ham-has to be cooked up
        raw seafood and stuff like that

        Do a search on yahoo or whatever you use ad type in ‘foods to avoid during pregnancy’ and there should be a list somewhere of everything.


          I have heard certain fishs (not sure which ones exactly..) tuna fush i know is a risky one.
          You NEVER want to eat Sushi, just because it is raw, and all.

          Hope this helps…….. (((HUGS)))


            yeah any soft cheese is bad, hard cheese is ok tho :). avoid all pat’e. dunno who true this is but coleslaw and potatoe salad isnt good for baby either i’ve heard. and all meat should be well cooked/hot.

            hope i helped xx


              Here’s a link to an article with lots of pregnancy no-nos. Some I’d never heard of personally.



                i dont know who told u coleslaw and potatoe salad isnt good but they have their info wrong! i ate potatoe salad all the time when i was preg w both my babies and the dr told me it was good b/c of the potatoe in it being a vegetable and also Iate tuna the whole time i was preg w both my babies and they are fine same w ice cream. just ask your dr about what to eat and not to eat..i also ate fast food…aka mcdonalds all the time.

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