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      it turns out im a month pregnant… but, im already eating more and gaining weight…. is that normal? it seems too soon.


        i know how you feel. I gained 8 lbs in my first two months.
        The first month i gained 5 and the second i gained three. I don’t know if it’s normal. All i know is I could NOT stop eating!!!! That was all i would do. From the second i woke up to the second i went to sleep. I take it you don’t have any sickness. I had none. Maybe thats why. Hope this helped.


          yah ive gained 5 pounds…… has it showed on you yet??b/c i think im starting to show already!! and no, im not really getting sick, just sometimes i feel sick to my stomach but then it passes.


            I always thought i was showing. but i miscarriaged at 8 weeks three days. So i never mad it that far. 🙁
            Everytime i would lay down i had a little bump to my belly. I was convinced it was the baby. But i had always had that. i just wanted to believe it was the baby.


              im so sry to hear about the miscarrage.


                Thanks. It was (and still is) the hardest thing i have ever had to go through. That’s why i’m so against abortion. I fought so hard to keep my baby alive and people are killing theirs everyday. It makes me sick.

                Well keep me posted on how your doing.


                  well, i actually havent been doing too good. ive been crying everynight. and i no i shouldnt. BEcause its not good for the baby. But, its just it doesnt have a father. the story is, the guy, told me if would be there….and then he never called me and never replyed back to my e-mails. its been a week. so i figured that he doesnt want anything to do with me and his kid…… so i finally called him yesterday, and he wants to hangout. and im here thinkig, do i go see him or not? well, my heart still goes out to him. I really love him! my friend want me to yell at him, but i dont want to risk pushing him away. especailly since he wants to see me. the thing that doesnt make sence is, that when i first told him i was pregnant, he was really happy about it. he said that abortion would break his heart…… but now, hes talking about it…saying i can get one if i want (no worries i dont believe in it) so i really dont no what he wants anymore.


                    Guys are so weird sometimes. If you ever need to talk i’m here!!!

                    Mrs. Butterfly

                      I feel your pain. I had just turned 16wks when I miscarried. It’s been a little over a year now, but it still hurts. There are so many women who wish they could have children, and then you have the other people who have abortions, leave them in resturants, or worse kill them and put them in garbage bags. There are alot of sick people in the world.
                      Well, my husband and I are trying to get pregnant again, so hopefully it happens. And if it does I pray to God that I carry it to full term. I wish the best for you.
                      Mrs. Butterfly :kiss:


                        I am so sorry to hear that. The only thing thats helped me get through my miscarriage was an online support group. you should check it out. If you go to MSN groups it’s pregnancyloss:remembering our angels. You will need to apply first to get in but i’m sure that they will accecpt you.

                        I just found out today that i’m pregnant. I’m 3 weeks 6 days!! I’m so excited yet very scared!!
                        My fiancee and i have been trying for the last 9 months (how ironic) to have a baby. THis was our last month trying. We decided to try something new. We had tried everything. Ovulation calendars, ovulations predictors, basal temp. You name it we’ve tried it.
                        This time we decided to just throw everything out the window. We had sex every other day and i had no caffine, whereas he did (and lots of it). And what do know I’m pregnant!!!!!!! You should give it a try. It’s well worth it!!! Good Luck. Let me know how everything turns out!!!


                          I also had a miscariage when i was 15, and my doctor just told me that my body wasnt ready, and that wazs teh hardest thing to go through and seeing all these teenagers having abortions because they dont think they can do it makes me feel sick.
                          I know it would be hard having a baby soo young but it just makes you work harder for things in your life. It made me want to get up everyday and go for a walk and eat healthier, and then all of that was taken away from me and i just dont understand how someone could kill their own child.


                            This message is for dorkalios_stud_muffin:

                            So are you doing. Sorry i didn’t really give you any support the other day. I was in a hurry when i responded to your message.
                            Don’t stress over him too much. I knoe it’s hard but whatever’s best for the baby. I was in a lot of stress when i miscarried. Things will work themselves out. I promise. If you ever need to talk i’m here for you.

                            Take care of yourself and keep me posted!


                              Thanks….well, I just talked to the guy and were friends again….. so im happy for that. (even though i love him still) but i guess we have to take one step at a time…..and he said he wants to hang out so we can talk about stuff. I think that even just being friends will help a lot, because then he may be here for me. I keep thinking that maybe if we see eachohter, hell want me back….I mean we were in love once. I just want him to help me throgh…. maybe once he sees me gaining more weight, hell relize wahts happening.

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