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      Before my pregnancy, i was 5’4 and 100lbs. I am 21 weeks into my pregnancy and i am currently 131lbs. I am supposed to gain more than an avg person when theyre prego because i was 15lbs underweight for my height. My OBGYN said that i should gain about 40lbs through the whole thing. Well, I’m only a little over halfway there and i already gained 31lbs! He told me that i need to cut back on how much i eat because the babys going to be hard to deliver if i dont. Man, im like a human vaccum cleaner when it comes to food. lol i eat healthy for the most part. I mean, i crave chinese food all the time and i crave a lot of pickles but i try to contain it. i eat chinese once a week. hey, if youre pregnant, you understand that you HAVE to have your craving lol and i eat pickles maybe 2 or 3 times a week. other than that i eat pretty healthy. i just gain weight. im not used to it. ive never been that big in my life but i know that ill lose it when the babys born. what do you think about it? do you think its my eating or do you think its a result of being underweight before my pregnancy? what should i do?

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        my friend is pregnant too- shes a month behind me so shes almost 22 weeks i would guess. she was like 5’1" and 96lbs before she was pregnant and shes gained about the same as you maybe a couple more lbs. her doctor was angry and she just thought that would make her have a healthier baby. But- youre not adding weight to your baby as much as youd like to think- youre just putting a lot of extra stress on your body that wont be the same as that which goes away after the baby is born. underweight girls do gain more but should not do so, so quickly. too much of any kind of food can be unhealthy. also chinese food is one of the worst things for a pregnant girl. it has sooo much sodium and most places still use chemicals (MSG) in the food and it has been proven to be harmful during pregnancy. Just try cutting down a little on everything and you should be fine! good luck babe!


          thanx for the advice! <3


            My problems are a bit different from yours I think. I’m still in my first trimester and my morning sickness is levelled and managed by diclectin, but there are still some bouts of throwing-up and it makes it difficult to have an appetite for much of anything. I’ve discovered that one of the only ways my body will let me eat veggies and fruit, is by juicing them but I much perfer chewing instead of drinking my food. Does or did anyone have the same problems? Can it get better…Will it get better? I worried about developing a deficiency, even if I’m taking a prenatal vitamin :sick: 🙁


              I definitely know where you’re coming from!

              I was 5’7” and 108 pounds pre-pregnancy. I’m 26 weeks and gained 35 pounds already! I went through a period when I was twelve where I ate everything in sight! I gained six pounds in six weeks and another two pounds a few weeks later! Don’t worry about it – and keep eating!

              ~ Hannah



                Miss Boop

                  Hi!! I know what you mean I’ve gained a little too much too. I think you’re beautiful no matter what. But because you were small like me even though it may be early you may want to enroll in some childbirthing classes in the next month or so, so that even if the baby is big you’ll still be able to get through it easily. Oh and yeah I think that it is the fact that you use to be so small because you have all this extra space and it just feels more complete when it’s filled up and not just their…well that how I think anyway!!! I was 5’4" and 115lbs. my first pregnancy but I miscarried shortly after, being 125lbs at the end of it. Then a month later I became pregnant again and now I weigh 159lbs. so I’ve gained 29lbs this pregnancy already and I am suppose to only gain 35-40lbs. I think it is whatever you make of it. I hope to, by my birthday, to go back to my size 5 jeans!! But if I don’t then I know it was for a good cause!!! B) ~*~Soon-to-be mommy of a beautiful BABY BOY!!!~*~

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