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      I wanted to know if everyone gets the pregnancy symptoms right away becasue my periods where due in nov 29th but I have not seen them yet but I know they play the fool so I don’t want to jump the band wagon yet and get my hopes crush. I have had two miscarriges one when I was 19 and the other when I was about twenty-two and I have been trying to have a baby ever seen and still hasn’t and sometimes I even cry. I miss a period in march this year but came in april so that’s why I keep tell myself I am not pregnant because I don’t have any symptoms but for the last few day everytime I eat my stomach still felt full and my heart kept bruning me but I don’t think that is a symptom but I have not done a test because I am afraid of the disappointment I think I have had it to much please some help me with some advice.

      I may give up on trying to have a child


        girly dont give up!! maybe you are and maybe you arent. talk to a doc or your OB about it and see what he ahs to say.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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