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      i have 25 days till im due but i really dnt no wat to xpect ive had a lot of nausea even bein sik tdai n on sum internet signs seys its a earli sign of labour but i dno ive had a few tunny pains my bak constantly aches bby still muvin and tht im not to sure if hed engaged ive had an increase in discharge its not bin blood stained lyk many sights sed so not sure if it is my sho plz sum 1 help thakoo xxxxxx


        Well i cant really confirm anything, but that at 25 days out, if baby is born, they are unlikely to suffer any major health issues.
        If you are unsure, talk to your care-provider, they are used to getting calls from people who arent sure if baby is getting ready to come or not.


          You could very well be in labor.
          Best thing to do is go to the doctor.
          If your not feeling good about it, no matter what the symptoms are – go to the doctor. Better be safe than sorry.
          I hope everything goes okay. Keep posted!


            i have found if you dont know what the "show" looks like, i searched it on the net and found an image…
            Back pain is a sign and tummy pains. Also diarrhea is a sign too.
            I tell people you will know you are in labour but it could also be braxtin hicks(irregular contractions)

            Worst of all go and get checked out.


              If you know what contractions feel like then don’t freak out until you time them. If they start getting regular…like each one is about 5 minutes apart then you are probably definitely in labor.


                i dont really have any advice for you, but i wanted to let anyone else who reads this know that i’m wondering the same thing…so any help would be really appreciated…the only difference is that i’m at 38 weeks, so a bit farther along. Thank you (in advance)

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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