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      i am 10 weeks pregnant having had one baby (now 3) and 2 recent miscarriages. I have had a scan and seen a heart beat, but I had some blood yesterday (tiny bit) and now have a bloated feeling and back ache. Has anyone ever had this?


        yes im 8 weeks pregnant and im the same i think its normal 🙂


          Hi! I would go to the doctors since you had miscarriage(s)… Though, you already had a child…


          Let us know what they said if you go…


            yeah i feel that way a lot…. mainly when im at work but yeah i get the back aches really bad and once and a while i feel bloated so its normal


              I started spotting for a while, and it would happen after sex, or me doing something active. I went to the doctor and he told me that it is normal, because under your cervix is now full ith blood (if I understood correctly) and any pressure might cause it to leak a few drops, and as long as it doesnt look like a period, we are ok. Few spots is normal and don’t worry about it. I am also sorry about your miscarriages, but I can tell you that you should restrict yourself to picking up anything that weighs more than a pound, and that includes your toddler, as hard as it sounds, the less pressure the better. Good luck with everything and hope you feel better soon. 🙂


                🙁 I am 8 weeks, and am going through the exact same thing. My right side has been hurting me off and on, and my back tremendously. MI have had several ultrasounds, and have had bloodwork, and so far, they say everything is okay. Ill keep you in my prayers, if you’ll do the same for me. Let me know if you hear any more about your situation.


                  Although it might be normal, you should always see your doctor if there is spotting (blood). Bloating is normal. That could be from something you ate (salty foods) or anything. Even the spotting can be normal. I spotted throughout my entire pregnancy. But, the baby was fine and is now a beautiful 8 year old. Don’t stress yourself into miscarrying. If you can, try to relax and let it happen. BUT, you should see your doc and make sure that everything is fine. I wish you the very best!

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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