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      ok sooo..yes i am trying to get pregnant (no negitive comments my mind is made) and im confused right now..
      so i stoped taking my pill about a month or so ago, my period came on on the 28 of may, and my bf n i had sex last week like 9 times. i was due to ovulate on the 8th of june (the same week i had sex 8times) according to mymonthlycalendar.com, i was starting to get these werid cramps, i guess from all the sex. so now im having this orangish red bleeding which is very light..now i dont no if im pregnant or my period is early, wat do u guys think,


        well there r several possibilities, firstly it cud indeed be an early period, lots of physical activity can bring it on early. it depends, r ur periods usually heavier than this or not? cuz iv its the same as wat u normally have this cud be it. on the other hand maybe the vast amounts of sex have caused u to get a bit sore, this can cause slight bleeding. then again, if it is cuz ur pregnant, the best thing to do is take a test after the time u wud normally expect ur period, or even better, go to the doctors! best to get it checked out really!!! good luck!!!! xx


          no my period is usually pretty medium flow to heavy on hte 1st 2 days..and i would have expected to spot or ‘bleed’ like this last week wen all the sexin was going on..right..so i think we can rule the bleeding cuz of sex out..thanks tho

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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