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      i have 2 weeks 4 days left till Ella’s due date.

      all day yesterday i had really bad lower back pains, especially really bad at the top of my tailbone. it doesn’t just hurt when i’m sat down but when i’m walking and i can’t even sleep at night where it is so painful!! i was up loads last night with the pain and i have still got it today, the pain isn’t getting worse but every now and again i will get a sharp pain and then it will go back to the constant dull pain that i had yesterday…

      also a couple of nights ago i was up for most of the night with pains in my sides and tummy… contractions maybe??!! i have had no braxton hicks throughout my pregnancy so not really sure of what to expect.

      even as i am typing this i have constant pain all down my left side and pain at the top of my tailbone.

      i was just wondering could this be an early labour sign??

      i havn’t had any other signs… well apart from going to the toilet more, loose bowel movements, and as i said in a previous post i have been losing my mucous plug for 2-3 weeks now which seems to have sorta stopped…

      anyone have any ideas as to whats going on??

      and if it is early labour signs, how long till i go into labour??

      thankyou to anyone who replies. x

      Soon To Be Mummy To Ella Louise Smart – Due 26.06.09



        You’re due date is June 26th, 2009!! Doesn’t that sound special?? Congratulations! This is such an exciting time, and I’m sure you are filled with so many questions and concerns. I can feel your excitement through reading your post. I am excited for you!! 🙂

        You have about 2 weeks before your due date, so yes, I believe that your body is preparing for early labor. As long as you are feeling the baby move at least 10 times or more each hour, and your water hasn’t broke you can be assured that everything is going smoothly. Butconsidering this is your first baby, and you’re not sure how your body normally functions at this point in a pregnancy, there may be some symptoms or signs that can be scary to you, or make you very worried. Please, do not hesitate to call your Doctor, or at least talk to the nurse on call.

        From what you’re describing, it sounds as if you are having pressure down low surrounding your lower back and sides. That is your baby putting pressure on your pelvis and preparing to position herself for delivery. Nature is taking over…and I know you said you weren’t having any braxton hicks contraction, which is the tightening across your belly and into the sides, but it does sound like you are having some mild contractions. That is the feeling you’re experiencing in your lower back and tailbone.

        You may also notice that you will lose the mucus plug in one piece all together. The small shedding of the membranes goes on for weeks sometimes. You are on your way my friend, and I would suggest spending as much time as possible relaxing and storing up energy for yourself. Take small naps because you will need as much energy as possible for labor so you will need to be rested. I know it’s difficult while experiencing pain, but maybe someone can rub your lower back before you go to sleep, or you could take a warm shower to relax your muscles. I also found that lying on my side with a pillow between my knees, a pillow pushed up behind my lower back, and then one in front of me supporting my baby belly was helpful in getting the much needed rest in those last days.

        Everything sounds like it’s going well, but again, please go to the doctor if you feel something is not right. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

        God bless,


          hey there…. yip this cud b signs that labour will dawn soon… how soon? u wont know till it happens 🙂 but now is the time to keep an eye on those tummy pains n monitor them, u r gettin lower back pain n tailbone pain coz the baby is settling into the pelvis n the shooting stinging pains are also for the same reason and bcoz of this it puts pressure on the back which probably wont ease till u giv birth…. u r showing all the signs of an upcommin labour so i dont think it will be long now…..

          im 38weeks preg n where i am its winter, so i find puttin a heat pack on my back helps ALOT n taki a warm shower with the shower heade aimed at my lower back works wonders too, u can try counter pressure too by lettin sumone apply deep pressure to the back or take an exercise ball n place it between u n the wall n do squats with the ball rolling on ur back, its wonderfull stuff lol

          hope this helps n dont worry it wont be long now b4 u hold ur lil one n all this pain will be nothin more then a memory 😀



            I think you have gotten some great advice and have nothing much more to add other than to reiterate that if you have ANY questions or concerns to make sure you contact your doctor or go into labor and delivery!! Also to add that I used to sleep in a tangle of pillows…LOL…I had them in every single nook and cranny of my body, between my legs, up against my back, in front, under my feet, I practically just slept on pillows, it really does help, my youngest is almost a year old and I am still sleeping with tons of pillows just out of habit…LOL…just know that once baby is here most of your ailments will be immediately gone!! Love Meg

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