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    sophia roses mummy

      hello πŸ™‚

      My auntie has just had a baby girl and shes been going thru IVF treatment for ages! and she finally got pregnant and she had poppy 4months ago today 2nd June 2010 and shes a dwarf πŸ™ but she’s such a lovely lovely little girl and i was wondering if any one else on here knows or has had a dwarf baby πŸ™‚ i have suggested this site for moral support she’s a single mum with poppy and i said to join stand up girl because you girlies are so wonderful and i don’t know what i would of done wen i had my abortion 2years ago nearly and being pregnant with Sophia (6months old) i would of done to go thru it as I’m with Ollie still and that’s strong as ever my family are being amazing but i really miss my Sasha-lou so much :'(
      anyway lots of love gabby,
      pic attached is my baby Sophia grace Clarke πŸ™‚


        I know its kind of late on the reply however something I have noticed, it could be because I live in a super small town though, is that we don’t often see children with downs syndrome, dwarfism, cleft lips, etc….I believe that it is because so many people are choosing to abort these days due to something like a physical but non-life threatening issues….I mean with the risk percentages of these types of issues you would think to see more babies with “defects” or special needs….I just want to give a thumbs up to your Aunt, I am sure that Poppy is and will continue to be a huge blessing in all of your lives despite her not so huge size…Thanks so much for sharing her story as well as a pic of Sophia!! Love Meg

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