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      well i dunno if im pregnant! im only 17, i still did’nt take any pregnancy test… well me and my boyfriend used to have sex and we always do widrawal.. and my period last month is september
      14, and then this october i had been delayed for 1 week, and usually before 2-3 days only.. and my lower back is always aching, and sometimes during night i fell dizzy!
      help me.. dunno..


        Hey take it from me all u need to do is just wait about another 2 weeks because it just might be the stress and if you dont get it go to the doctor,good luck:)


          well thank you..


            the time i got pregnant..
            i was 2weeks late and i never been that late..
            same as you 2-3days of delay but not a week..

            ill guess its better to buy pregnancy test..
            and its better to know as soon as you can
            if you want to keep the baby healthier you must know ASAP..

            in our local drugstore they sell PT for 100php
            if your in Phil.


              well i didnt i was pregnant until june i got pregnant in december i was getting all these symptoms i would get dizzy, cravings, and in a couple weeks you can feel a little heart beat and you will start getting bigger if you miss your period than yea you can be prego i didnt use a pregnancy test do your parents know?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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