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      Hey Everyone, My name is Crystal Im 21, and by boyfriend and I of 3 years recently found out that we are expecting =) even though i was preety shocked we are both super excited! Anyways as of today I’m 9 weeks, and due June 13th.. I was just wondering if any one had a similar due date, I would love to hear from anyone that could relate to the whole experiance πŸ™‚


        Hey girly! My name is Angel n I’m twelve weeks n due May 24th πŸ™‚ N my boyfriend’s brother’s gf is due like June 21st lol So message me if ya wanna! Take care chica!


          How exciting! How has the first trimester been for you? I’ve been extremely exhausted and just waiting for the end of the third month ( i hear morning sickess calms down) I have my first ultra sound on the 23rd, and im super nervous i hope everything is okay, i think i’ll be much more relieved after i see my baby for the first time =)


            im apparently due june 14th lol so we are pretty close i reckon πŸ˜›


              hi hun,
              i’m due june first, so i’m a little bit ahead of you lol! i’m happy to hear that your boyfriend is supportive, mine took off as soon as i said abortion wasn’t an option. but either way, just remeber it’ll be hard but its not impossible. good luck ! πŸ™‚


                Hey my name is Maggie…my due date is April 5. I’m 20 weeks pregnant. And getting fatter everyday. My boyfriend tells me I look beautiful but I know he’s only veing nice cause I’m self-concious. :unsure: But I love him for trying so hard to decide everything-like whether to stay and raise the baby or go to college. :blush: I know what the right answer is but I don’t wanna force him. Anyhow, anyone with a similar due date? we can chat!!! πŸ™‚


                  Hey! I’m Chelsea. I’m 18 weeks, due may 20th.


                    Hey my name is Klaudia and my due date is March 18
                    Only 2 more months to go I’m so scared of labor o.o :laugh:
                    I’ll attach a pic of my baby boy when he was 20 weeks I got a Ultrasound the 22nd =]


                      I’m due may 18th We are having a little girl to add to the little boy that we have! Going to have our hands full that’s for sure


                        im due 9th april!


                          i’m due june 21 2010 :cheer:


                            UPDATE: The doctor thinks I’m due anytime now o.o


                              hey!;) congrats my dear., πŸ˜‰


                                im due on the 25th of june now so were still close hahaha


                                  ty ^^


                                    Congratulations darling!(:


                                      All Of You Are Due So Close Together Lol , Im Due In October Not Sure What Day And Im 7 Weeks So Far Its Hard Finding The Energy To Go To School Lol Iv Been So Tired Me and My First Scan On Thursday πŸ™‚ xx


                                        Hey…well compared to everyone else i am still in early stages of pregnancy lol.. only weeks and couple days but i am due 13th November 2010..on my fathers birthday πŸ™‚


                                          hey! im due nov 11 2010 so we are close! πŸ™‚


                                            I was supposed to be due September 9th. I just turned ten weeks. Today however I found out I am having twins so my due date has been moved up!


                                              congrats on the twins :cheer:


                                                October 26 πŸ™‚

                                                katiebuggs 13

                                                  your due on my birth day

                                                  katiebuggs 13

                                                    :side: iam due later then all yall mine is dec.5,2010


                                                      hi im 23 weeks preg due 25th august any1 due around same time ? xx

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