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      i keep having a dream where i am in a dark room, i cant see anything but i can hear a baby crying and i cant get to it.

      i had an abortion last year, not by choice. do you think my abortion and my dreams are linked???


        If you are still feeling guilt then your dreams could be stemmed from that. My sister has had 3 abourtions and I know that she hurts so badly and I know a few other people who have had them too and it seems as though everyone deals with them differently. I am sorry that you fouond yourself in a spot to make such a tragic choice but you cant live there…you need to realize that living in guilt or regret or denial or any other thing that is simmilar will only distract you from the forgiveness and freedom that you can embrace. I have never had an abortion but I know that I have done so many other things in my life in need of forgiveness and closure…..when I cried out to Jesus to cleanse my sin and to give me a new heart I found peace that cannot be attained any other way 🙂 When I start to feel guilty or I dwell on such a thing too long I can tell myself "I have received the Lord and He has paid for that sin….no matter what the reprocussion is in my life I DO NOT have to feel guilty…I can just praise God that He has saved me and made me new" I will pray for you but if you dont pray for yourself it wont do any good………just call out to God and ask Him why you have these dreams and if you wait for His reply it will come…I find most of the answers to my questions in the bible…..that is where I hear the Lord speak to me most 🙂 I hope that helps…….Love and Prayers…Meg


          I think it may definitely have something to do with the abortion you had last year. I had an abortion in 2005 and for months I had dreams about a baby crying that I couldn’t find or help. It became even worse when my neighbor brought their baby girl home. Every morning like clockwork she cried @ 7am, exactly the time I wake to go to work and school. It wasn’t until my bf spent the night that I recognized I wasn’t "crazy." But yes I definitely think it has something to do with the abortion. My dreams just went away but occasionally they do happen. If you need to talk about it feel free to email me 😉


            I think its very very possible that thats what your dreams are caused by, you still haven’t come to peace with it. I can understand that since it really wasn’t your first choice. It may be a good idea for you to hook up with a site or a local place that can help you come to terms with it. Are the dreams the only thing you are feeling? I hope that you find a way to come to peace with what happened, i know its not an easy road.


              wow, it could be, have u had any counciling???? maby u need to just let it all out an have a good cry,
              Im her eif u need any help xxxxx


                Possibly. I wish you a lot of luck in the future…

                Best Wishes,

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