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      So anybody out there have a baby that’s not "perfect."


        I gave birth to a daughter that was "not normal", but she was still born.

        I do not have any living children that are not normal.


          I do not have the answer yet, my baby has a choroid plexus cyst on the left side of the brain and we have no idea of what will happen, we could lose the baby, end up with a special needs child or things could turn out just fine, I have like 7 more weeks until my due date and then we will know more but either way we love this baby and look forward to meeting him/her…Meg


            My son Rocco is delayed, hes in speech therapy and is testing bellow his age for cognitive and intellectual skills, were currently in the process of having him diagnosed.


              I will be praying that everything is fine and that God will be preparing you both for the outcome. Keep me updated please… Love in Christ!


                Hi, my 12 year old sister had speach and language delays when she was young, but is fully caught up now, although language arts is still not her strongest or favorite subject.


                  My 20 yr old son has ‘undetermined’ chronic inflammatory bowel disease, my 16 yr old has an ‘undetermined’ learning disability- he was born 6 1/2 weeks preemie-they had dx’ed aspergers but retracted that and called it ‘undetermined’, and my 11 yr old daughter has spina bifida w/ chronic renal failure, neurogenic bowel and bladder is ‘short in stature’- she has no learning problems that we are aware of yet, other than dysgraphia (but my husband and 14 yr old son have that also- I just call it sloppy slop monster) Wow.. 4 for 4.. guess its true “nobody is perfect”
                  My daughter is the ‘sickest’ of them all, I was under the impression she was my punishment for having an abortion. But when I found the Lord, He gave me this scripture:
                  John 9:1-3 ” As he passed by he saw a man blind from birth.His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”Jesus answered, “Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him.”
                  She has a purpose.. And she is truly living it out.. She shouldn’t walk, she should be paralyzed from the waist down, she walks, runs, plays soccer, skateboards, she is as close to perfect as she can be..


                    My sister has downssyndrome and we love her to bits! She is almost 13 and the amount of joy she brings to use is indecrible! :woohoo:


                      my brother also has downs syndrome, hes 13 and the light in my life. my hero! he has had 2 heart bipasses and spent about 40-45% of his life in hospital. he has had some many problems over the years,
                      but he is the happiest boy i have ever met!

                      i would never replace Henry, some people used to say to me “wouldnt you like a ‘normal’ brother?!”
                      but what is normal.

                      my brother has made me who i am today, and i wouldnt wish to have him any different!
                      there isnt a day in my life when he doesnt make me smile! his cheesy grin, his woody the woodpecker laugh, his cute little button nose, they way he comforts me when im upset and wont leave till im smiling again, the list goes on!!

                      he is so friendly, he loves everyone and everyone loves him!

                      no one should be ashamed of having a child with any type of special needs, yeah it can be more hard work than a child without special needs- a ‘normal’ child as some may say. but you get some much love, happiness and joy from your child.

                      your child is your child no matter what they are born with, downs syndrome, autistism, cerebal palsy, learning difficulites, speech difficulites.

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