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      so the month of july i got really really sick and was on antibiotics. well i stopped taking the pill about a week before the packw as empty cuz there was no point. i dont remember if i had sex that month or not cuz i was so sick and my boyfriend was out of town the second half. so i started the period a little early cuz i stopped taking. but then i started the new pack the same time as usual so there was just a week and 4 days inbetween instead of 4 days. i have now finished that pack and def only had sex once and that was after i finished the entire pack and was on my placebo pills. well i basically havent had a period. its been a week since i started the new pack and i always start my period the day i start the new pack. SO i guess what im saying is i couldnt realy be pregnant because i only had sex once the day before my period was supposed to start, plus i took the pill everyday the previous month. sooo.. where is my period? this is weird.

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