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      well me and my bf have been together for 8 months and we dont use protection. we are a very sexual couple and i m at least a month late for my expected period. i feel sick all the time:sick: …people who smoke the smell of some water makes me feel sick:woohoo: i dont know what it is..i dont have morning sickness but i do vomit once evry week in the evening. im going crazy not being able to know if i am or not me and my bf talked about it and we’re not ready but im against abortion. what do i do???:huh:


        hun i’m betting on you being pregnant….even if you only throw up once every week, no matter what time of day, you have morning sickness….morning sickness can happen at anytime, it happens because your blood sugar leves drop and it makes you sick…..i’d go see a doc….


          sweetie you could be pregnant .. but wait until your second missed period and take a test . but if your period does not come on this month or whatever month it is suppose to come on then you are pregnant


            It sounds like you are pregnant to me. Both my pregnancies i couldn’t the smell of smoke, well i always hate it but being pregnant makes it worse.
            I dont like abortion so maybe think about adoption..


              You could always put the baby up for adoption. If you are against abortion, don’t give in and get one to please someone else. You are the one who has to live with the consequences of the choice, so you should not let anyone else make it for you,


                Well sweety your not in the boat alone on that one im kinda in the same situation you are in ….. my period hasn’t came for a month…… me and my bf are a very sexual couple too…. and don’t use protection….. :whistle: ….. and i took a test about 3 times and im still not sure….. the 1st one was neg the 2nd one was nothing at all and the 3rd one had a small faint line +…… we know were not ready for a baby but there’s a 99% chance were going to be parents…
                i get sick every evening and the smell of coffee makes me sick :sick: ….. but we talked it over and decided thatwhen we find out for sure were going to try to tell our parents and see if they can help and were both well im gonna get a job , he already has one …… and try to make it work believe me me and him are both against abortion 100% ….. so were going to try to make it the best we can were not that old ( me-16, him-17) its going to be hard but it’s like that for evryone…. but when you do find out you are believe me you’ll do anything gor that baby and you’ll be so Happy too :laugh: well take care
                xx Erica :kiss:

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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