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      Ok most of you know me for those of you that don’t my name is Kaitlin. I have wanted a baby for so but recently decided to wait. I know this may sound really stupid but I need help. I was on depo (the shot) I got off 6 months ago and know that it can take up to 18 months to release an egg again but just a month ago my periods started going back to normal 28 days apart 7 days long (my normal period). Well here is my question: 9 days ago I had intercorse with no protection on the 7th day after I had sex I started bleeding kinda like a period but its a week early I have been EXTREMLY tiered and my lower back hurts so much I can’t get comfortable. Has anyone had implantation bleeding that was like a normal period? and does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t have anywhere to get an hpt (I don’t live by any stores) or any places where they do it for free like birth rights, planned parenthood, carenet, ext… Any advice anyone?

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