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      So, i just need to rant, and i remembered i had this account.. so here it goes…

      I’ve been on and off with my husband for six years next month, we just celebrated our six month aniversary of our marriage, we have a son who is 5 and im pregnant with our second son due in october. We’ve never had a perfect relationship, its been very rocky, breaking up and getting back together, every few weeks. We finally tied the knot cause it seemed like we had worked stuff out. not far into the marriage, the first time he packed up his stuff and moved to his moms house, then moved back a day or two later.. he did this every week sometimes two or three times a week.. pretty much every time we got in to a disagreement even over the stupidest thing. the last time he moved out, he wouldn’t bring his stuff back home. wouldnt wear his ring or anything. told me we would see a councelor and work stuff out. that he wouldnt leave again. well last night he started saying horriable things about my dad, TOO MY SON! i told him to stop and it turned into a very heated argument, he was towering over me, and telling me not to under mind him, and SO MUCH! he physically moved me out of the way, and left. told me not to call because he would file harassment, and expects me to file divorce (when i have no money to do so) mean while.. the bills are being paid by his dad, cause three months ago, he made me quit my job saying i would loose my un born due to stress if i didnt, well he never got a job, refused to look for work… then texted me today saying his dad wouldn’t help me anymore since i kicked him out(and i never kicked him out) there is so much more to this story, and i just dont know what to do. im seeking work but can only work till october then take time off for maternity leave. if i loose my house, ill have to sell everything including my three pets, and sleep on my moms couch. (with two boys) im just at a loss as to what is wrong with him, he never treated me so horriably up until the last few months, then its just gotten worse and worse.. like saying things he knows upset me.. i just feel so alone. and lost. i feel like im in a mile deep hole, with no ladder out.


        i say stuff him. just stand strong. dont give in. thats easy for me to say as some women are stronger than others but stand strong.


          Hmm…why would he file harassment? If anyone should file harassment, it should be you it sounds like. And did you buy the house together? Did you buy any of the items in your home together, because if so, he should be taking part responsibility for paying those bills. He has a responsibility to you and to those bills. I’m not sure about this stuff, I’m a teenager, but I would think that he would HAVE to pay the bills. Talk to his dad in private and tell him everything (if he’s a reasonable man of course) just so he knows that his son is lying. Don’t file for divorce yet…that way he HAS to pay those bills with you. And if he isn’t paying the bills and leaving them all to you, take him to court or something. Find a lawyer, explain your situation and see if they can possibly do some probono. And once you come to some sort of agreement in court, then file for divorce. Most likely, the judge will have him help you pay off the bills. And once you get a divorce, he will have to pay child support. If I had any money, I would send you some. I really would. I go to an expensive school, and my church is helping me pay with incoming donations and I wish I could do that for you. But I will do what I CAN do…and that is pray for you and your two sons. You deserve better and you WILL recieve better. I’m praying for you.

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