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      Im 17… 18 in april and i have just recently found out that i am pregnant! I live in the UK… and currently at college… I dont know how far on i am… i have used a pregnancy calculator and it says i am 8 weeks. I feel that my best option would be to have an abortion.. i am still with my boyfriend.. and he says he will support me! I am just very scared of what is going to happen… and after reading so many different opinions from people after they have had an abortion.. i am soooo scared that i am going to regret it… and also the pyhsical pain scares me tremendously too! I would really appreciate other peoples views on what i should do… im lost and confused! i think that cause im only 17 i have a whole life ahead of me!!! im not against young mums… i just dont think its the right time for me! Im scared the longer this goes on.. the more i am going to get attatched! thanks for your time!



        please dont have an abortion, i had one twom months ago and the pain is still with me to this day. its something that cant/wont go away,


          Please dont abort your baby, You and your bf created this life and that little child hasent done a thing wrong, You can do it, im only 16 i got pregnant at 14, had my ds at age 15 and im currently 16 and my ds is 17 months old.


            Please don’t get an abortion! I’m 17 going to be 18 in March and I am 10 weeks pregnant. I’ve never had an abortion but there are other options if you decide that you are truly not ready. Have you considered adoption? If you don’t feel ready to be a parent, there are millions of couples who are. Many of these couples cry themselves to sleep every night because they just want a baby more than anything in the world! Please at least think about adoption hun.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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