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      hi, im liz and my baby boy will be 10 weeks old tomorrow, on January 10th. he was born on October 27th, 2006.

      as hard as i thought motherhood was going to be, it really isnt all that bad. its practicly easy except for kinda being tired. i still go to the arcade and play DDR and pool. i still go out to eat at resturants at least once a week. i still go to the mall every other week.

      little babies sleep most of the time, i went out to eat in a resturant when ian was just 5 weeks old. car rides put him to sleep and the sound (also known as "white noise") of the chatter in resturants keeps him asleep.

      now that hes a little older, he does wake up sometimes but he only cries because hes hungry (so i go and feed him in the bathroom) or he cries because hes fighting sleep (so i just give him a pacifier and he goes to sleep!)

      shopping is a little more tricky, because its hard to push a buggy AND a stroller at the same time (ok, more like next to impossible for me b/c im a klutz) i do need help when it comes to lots of groceries, but usually everything can fit in the storage thing under the stroller.

      having a baby as young as i am is probably one of the best mistakes i have ever made. sure, babies have there hard times. but that is true of ANY relationship, weither it be a fight with someone else, or a baby crying at 2 in the morning. waking up at 2 in the morning because this beautiful smiling child needs my love is the best "hard time" i could ever imagine!


        its gud u dnt find it hard, how old r u n do u wrk or gt benifits????


          when my son was under a year life was easy.. my social life was very alive, and i did everything perfect… now that hes over a year it has been VERY challenging, im getting married soon, i have to have a full time job, and on top of it all his baby sitter under disiplines him so he throws awfull fits, trust me it will get harder, my son was a perfect angel, and now that im relaly having to do alot at once, hes gotten so bad… once they start crawling and walking… you never rest… but it is the most wonderfull thing i have lived through…


            Awww how sweet. I was told i was an idiot when i found out i was first pregnant and hubby’s sister says ow are u going to afford a kid….
            We did it fine.She is perfect, she will be 2 in Feb, she gives me a hard time sometimes but doesn’t everyone? She is only a kid and has to learn all the boundaries.


              i didnt think being a mother was hard or took a whole lot of time till i had my i have a toddler (19 mos old daughter) and an infant (1 mos old son) and I’m home by myself with them why my fiancee works..its harder now that i have 2 and am by myslef w them during the day but like everybody else i wouldnt change it for anything in the world. they are my life and the most precious gift i could have ever been given!:silly:

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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