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      Hi my name is Marissa and I need some help or advise. I am 16 and I haven’t had a period ever since October 19,2006 and I took two pregnancy tests in November and they both said yes. The second lines on them were VERY visible!!! Do test be very accurate? If so I am 9 weeks about to be 10, right!?!?! I told my mom but she said she doesn’t want to have anything to do with my baby and I’m still with my boyfriend so can anyone give me information or any hepful advice?? My mom stated that my insurance doesn’t help out teenage mothers.


        hey hun, i am sorry to hear that your mother does not support you. if you have not had a period since october 19, 2006 and have taken two pregnancy tests and they cam back positive, yea hun you are pregnant. your insurance has to cover all your medical bills, for one because you are still a minor and two because you are pregnant. it is illegal for them to deny you coverage, i was 17 when i found out i was pregnant and i am 18 now and my parents insurance is stil covering me. i am sure in time your mother wil support you, when i told my mom i was prgnant at first she cried, then now we are all just waiting for the day my little man comes. i am 33 weeks pregnant and am due february 11 2007. but i am telling you that you need to be seeing a doctor, you need prenatal vitamins,and so you know that everything with baby is going well. does your boyfriend support you? i have been really lucky that my boyfriend has stuck with me, and will be such a great father. i am here if you need any advice so just get at me! but if your mother refuses to make you a doctors appointment or something like that you need to go to like a planned parenthood, or your local community clinic. well sweetie i hope everything goes right for you and like i said i am hear to listen if you ever need to talk!!


          Most of the tests are very accurate, and I would say since you haven’t had a period since October, this one is too. The best bet would be to go to the doctor to confirm it.

          As far as insurance goes, if you are under 18 and/or still a student (up to 21 in some cases) and on your parents’ insurance, it will cover the pregnancy most likely. You’ll need to call the insurance company and make sure of whether or not you are covered. If you aren’t, go to your local health department/social services for information on Medicaid and then seek a doctor who accepts that. Give your mom time to adjust. She may come around. I hope your boyfriend is a standup guy and will help with the costs as well. After all, that’s what it means to be a dad. Good luck and Happy New Year!


            you seem to be pregnant alright. the second test confirmed that. the doctors will count from the last day you started your period. and then they will do an ultrasound to really see. but its already december, i would try to get to your OB or a clinic. what are your thoughts on everything? email me whenever



              Some insurances does not cover PREGNANCY. My dads didnt cover pregnancy for me so i had to go apply for medicaid. If your parents insurance does not cover your pregnancy their are other things you can apply for.


                yeaup- those tests are very accurate if it reads positive. not so much on negative. congrats- im sorry your mom isnt supportive. you need to go see a dr though. if insurance wont cover you then there are lots of clinics. insurance may not cover you but not bc you are a TEEN just bc you are not the primary holder. companies like blue cross blue shield will (thats what i had) then again, your mom might just be saying that. idk where you live but in the US you can get medicaid as a secondary insurance and it will cover you and then carry over to your baby. good luck with everything! let me know if you need anything!

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                  hey marissa,
                  Sounds like your pregnant.
                  Since you said you took 2 pregnancy tests, my best advice is for you to go see your DR. or go to a near by Planned parenhood,You shouldnt be denyed coverage.
                  I’m sorry about your mother not supportiong your decision in any way ,I’m sure she’ll have a change of heart, she’s your mother she love’s you no matter what, just give her time but,
                  Do you have any close family members that you could talk to or a council? For now i really think you should talk to your boyfriend on your descion and his.
                  I got pregnant at 14 and i was so scared but i ended up telling my mom and she was angry with me at first but she finally had a change of heart. Sadly my son Adrain died at 5 months. But whatever you do don’t rush into the thought of an abortion because of your family or anyone that has anything negative to say, Thats your baby that god blessed you with
                  …i’m happy to hear that you and your boyfriend are together…good luck with everything
                  if you need anyone to talk to here’s my sn’s denizia12989


                    Great news everyone!! I am pregnant and I am 13 weeks. I went to life choices and got a ultrasound and everything! I am so excited. I am due on July 25, 2007!!! I am going to need some advice and tips since I am just 16.


                      Congrats on bein pregnant!! Its an awesome thing… but that part about ur mom not being as happy i understand. When i told my parents and sister they were really mad, and said some mean things. But the best thing i did was find friends that had kids young too. Some times, even if ur not religious, church people always want to help. They never say hurtful things and can really help ya through hard times. As far as help with the cost of everything, get medicaid. If you’re pregnant they usually give you help, no matter what. But otherwise, YAY! I’m due June 13th, so I’ll let ya know how everything goes so you can be ready too.


                        my advice is just to not let anyone force you to do anything you don’t want to do and get a doc ASAP!….but congrats…and you can message me if you need anything (i’m 17, 21 wks preg, due in june)

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