does anyone need help?

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    small fry

      My name is Katie and actually I am not a teenage mom, but I am a mother of two toddlers. I recently was watching a show on TV and I started to realize how difficult that must be. I really don’t know how to help except to offer my friendship and support to anyone who might need it. I live in the Orlando area and I am 29 years old. After having my first baby at 26 I realized what a wonderful thing it is to have a baby- a little soul who will love you no matter what. Shortly after that when my daughter was 7m old I got pregnant again. I wasn’t ready for that and it was very hard at first. It’s only now getting easier! And I am almost 30- so I can imagine what some of the younger moms must experiance. I would like to just talk to anyone that might need another mom to talk to. Being a mom can be awfully lonely sometimes too which is something someone never told me either!


        Hello Karma,
        I am a mother as well, and very proud and blessed to have children. You tapped into something that I don’t think a lot of people realize; that we all need someone to talk to and share our worries, struggles and joys with. So many people are looking for happiness in the world, some are wandering lost and searching for peace in their lives. I have had many days of lonliness and sadness where it would only take a kind word from someone to give me strength to make it just one more day.
        I am here and can relate to your role as a mother of back to back toddlers.

        small fry

          thanks! I guess even though we are not teens it is still hard. Even with family and friends supporting me being a mom was and still is a challenge! Thanks!


            My name is Haley Frazier and I am 17 I think i am pregnant and I’m scared to death I do need help cuz I have no idea what I am doing

            small fry

              well first make sure you are! Did you take a test yet?


                im 13 and i thought i was pregnant and i took a test after i missed a period an got a positive i didnt belive it and took another one and the same result im so scared what do i do??


                  yes i took two tests they were both positive i haven’t told my aunt and uncle/temporary guardians because i’m afraid they wil kick me out and send me to live with my legal guardian which living with her again would be worse than being pregnant 🙁 i am scared to death and i’m trying hard not to worry cuz i know it’s not good for the baby


                    Well only being 13, Thats very young. im 16 almost 17, i thought i was TO YOUNG for this. does your bf know? do your perents support you?
                    Do what you think is best, abortion in my opinion is STUPID! i think it should be ilegal. Some people obv dont get what happens when you have sex, you get prego.

                    small fry

                      Well you girls have to first decide what you are going to do- take some nice deep breaths because there isn’t much else you can do! You should go see an OB doctor as soon as you can. No You girls CAN do it okay! You’re going to be okay! You should also talk to your parents/ guardians. They need to know either way or another. My mom didn’t take it well- in fact she was very angry with me and she kept asking me how was I going to support a baby and blah blah blah. She really freaked me out! And I was 25! But then I realized that you will always find a way to care for your children. I mean I would do anything so that my children could eat and have clean diapers and all that. And after all that my mom LOVES these kids to death and they have brought such joy and sunshine into our lives. Try not to think of the pregnancy as a horrible thing because it will only make you more upset. This is a new life and now you must do what you can to love and care for it. I don’t agree or disagree with abortion. I mean who am I to judge any one else? We make our own choices and that is what we live for. But I do know that abortion can cause a lot of heartache and wondering and regret. So this needs to be a well thought out choice. But the sooner that your family knows the easier and less scary it will seem. And if they regect you then at least you know ahead of time. I am wishing you the best of luck and I’ll pray for you no matter what you decide.


                        the father knows he not my boyfriend anymore…
                        at first he was happy now he is just everything but that..
                        parents arnt supporting me im living with my auntie but that is going well so maybe its for the best at the moment??
                        i am keeping the baby im against abortion as well!!!

                        small fry

                          good for you! You are being strong for your baby!


                            i like to think so. i have to i have no other choice.
                            everything was going good the father is just being so irresponsible and trying to make everything about him as usual :(, im just getting so angry at the moment and i dont know what to do!


                              Hello, yeah I need so advice on what you think i wrote a forum called 14&&Pregnant?!? could you please read it and help me out?

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