Does anyone know how to shop maternity?

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      I REALLY REALLY hate maternity clothes, alot of the time they are hideous to me. Boring, plain and blah! I went shopping today for maternity and I couldn’t buy anything. I started crying in JcPenny’s!! My boyfriend tried to cheer me up. I hated the pants (i wear skinny jeans) so i just brought jean leggings instead. As for tops, I just went to Amercian eagle and brought the large sizes. But I dunno what to do! I’m only six months now, and what can i wear for my 7,8, and 9 month? Tell me what you wore while pregnant?


        I toally know what u mean, those jeans are so eww :p i love skinnies too so i just wear belly bands πŸ™‚ they’re awesome!
        here’s a link for u to see what they look like πŸ™‚

        Hope i helped πŸ™‚


          Thanks soooo much!!! my mom has been nagging me about wearing those icky maernity pants! I don’t wanna πŸ˜›
          I’m seriously gonna have to buy it. <3


            I know what you mean.. I can’t fit into my old baby waering clothes with either skyler or dylan… I had to buy a whole new clothes. So i went to a show called Motherhood Materily there are lots of then. i’ll give u the link to look there are stores around.. is the website that has everything from bra’s to tops and bottoms for 6-9 months. there are cheep so not expencie either. Hope that helps you..


              Thats one of the things that im not looking forward in my pregnancy. When i go shopping 1 out of the 10 things i see for maternity close i like. Lucky for me im still waring my skinny jeans and all but i know that by the time im four or five months im going to have to forget bout the close i like and saw hello to meternity close :p


                Hopefully i get to shop, my mom is being really selfish. She got mad at me for going shopping (i only got two pair of pants) because she wanted my boyfriend to give her money instead. Apparently, i dont need anything becuase i’m not going any where,i cant wait to move out!


                  I got back to school today,lol all i did was bought a bunch of stretchy shirts and low cut jeans…Idk what I’m gonna do once I’m farther along… πŸ™

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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