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      does anyone else feel completely lonely during their pregnancy? when i first found out i was pregnant i knew i could make it thru it cuz i had great friends and the support of the father. but now i barely talk to any of my friends anymore and they all act like they have better things to do then hang out with me. and the father, who even tho we broke up was still my best friend, hasnt talked to me in over 2 weeks.. my parents are supportive but its not the same. its like every1 i cared about left when i needed them the most. im sick of staying in the house all the pregnant i dont have some contagious disease and thats how people are treating me. i just cant wait for my baby to come and keep me company. thanks for listening to me vent 🙂


        I am actually not pregnant, but I do know that a lot of girls feel really lonely during their pregnancy. Are you doing ok? It sounds like you are having a really hard time.


          yea im okay.. just having one of those many emotional days that day haha.. thanks for caring tho 🙂


            i know how you feel- im 14 weeks along- all my friends here “disowned me”
            but hey.. its not about them its about my child now.
            oh boy i get emotional days to where i just want to be alone.
            i think its all the raging hormones haha.
            who knew creating a life would effect ones body so much!
            hope you start feeling happy all the best:P


              I’m glad that you are doing ok! 🙂


                well i know how you feel, im going thru the same, i spend days crying, and by my self, then one day of the week im totally happy and i dont care about anything, then im going back again crying and feeling all alone

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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