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      Im not really new with the pregnancy thing but i was wondering what you guys think the right time to see a OBGYN? My last pregnancy was filled with complications at 5 weeks so i saw the doc early. Im only about 4 weeks. What should i do? Im scared to go to the doc because i dont want this pregnacy to end up like my last.


        In all reality not going to the doctor will not prevent you from experiencing the same thing in pregnancy, it is just making way for things to go undetected…If you have ANY concerns or have had miscarriage or high risk pregnancies ( I do not know your story so I am sorry for not knowing what happened last time) then you should get to the Doc ASAP, I have history of tubal pregnancies in my family and my daughter was actually hung up in my tube until about 6-7 weeks along so this time (I am 34 weeks right now) I knew something was wrong and my doctor knowing my past got me in right away and sure enough this baby was caught between my tube and my uterus, had no heart beat, and was 2 weeks behind in growth, but miraculously within a weeks time and after horrible pain I went in for an ultrasound and baby had moved, had a heat beat and was measuring right where it needed to…Fearing the worst and avoiding going to the doctor to hear the news that you would dread to hear will not change what will happen, it will just put you and baby at further risk IF something were to be wrong…we are all here for you and no matter what happens you have lots of love and people who care for you here, please just make an appointment and hope for the best, let us know what happens, Love Meg

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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