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      Okay so I have had sex.. I was suppoed to get my period at the end of May. Early June, I took a tset it said negative. It’s now July 2 and I still didn’t get it. I’m going to check tonight.

      Do you think I could be pregnant?


        Yes there is a chance that you are pregnant with missing your period for that long, however…you will want to wait and take the test with your first mornings urine not at night, if you are pregnant then the hormone only detected in pregnancy, HCG, will be more concentrated and detectable in the morning than at night when you have gone pee and had fluids all day long…so wait till morning to test and then let us all know, we are here for you…Love Meg


          It’s a definte possibility. Although, if you’ve been really stressed out or not eating or something like that, it could also make your period late. But it would be a good idea to take a test now. If you took one in early June, it may have been too early to tell. Keep us updated.


            I took one yesterday, it still says negative. Could there be something wrong? I’m so confused..& scared..


              Well, if you aren’t pregnant, there are several things that can cause your period to disappear for a while…
              Birth control can sometimes do that to you… If you are taking birth control pills or something that may be the cause.
              Stress is also something that will take away your period for a while.
              If you are undernourished, or if you work out for more than an hour each day, both of those could be the reason.
              Also sometimes your body just takes a rest. 🙂
              If you are really worried about it, or you feel like there is something wrong, you should go to the doctor.
              Let us know how it all works out, ok? 🙂

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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