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      Well, i am wondering if there’s a chance i may be pregnant. I’m not on pill and i was due to get my period Jan 18,2007…but so far…nothing. My boobs are sooo tender and my nipple are super sensative and are always "on", I feel like my appetite has really increased in the past few weeks too. I’m not feeling nauseus at all thought. I was preggers b4 and didn’t feel yucky until like 9 weeks into it. So….what do yall think? :whistle:


        Well you might be. I mean it is a possibility.:lol:


          Hi – sounds like its possible. I would suggest doing a test if you haven’t yet. If your period was due on the 18th, then the hormone amount would be high enough to show up. Good luck.


            i would say you need to test. because its very possible.. so if you are you can start seeing an o/b asap. you need pre-natal vitamins if you are. and so you know everything is good with you and baby. keep me posted!!


              it’s possible….just wait a little then go get a HPT….

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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