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      Well I am pretty much desperate to have a baby of my own

      I go all achy when I see mums with their kids

      What do I do


        There is nothing wrong with you, and there are so many other girls like you. At one point I wanted my own child, but came to realise that it would be selfish of me to bring a child purposely into this world until I was older and in a better position financially and emotionally to raise him or her. I began going to councelling to find out why I felt to need to have a baby so young. It turned out to be because I was lonely, and felt like the only way I could get love was by having a baby but that isn’t true. I would advise you taking councelling aswell.

        I ended up getting pregnant a year after I finished councelling by mistake, and trust me everyday is a huge challenge. Sure I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but if I could choose I’d wait until I was older. If you need to talk to someone feel free to message.


          Your 15. I was when I had my son. WAIT! I’m definitely not trying to be rude but baby’s are alot of work hun. Enjoy it while you can and i don’t think you need help, I just think theres more teen pregnancys and parenthood that your influenced by.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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