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      So, I talked to my Mom and she was pretty calm, bt she said since I am underage she gets to choose what happens, she wants adoption and I want to keep it, Is she right? Does she have the legal right to do that?


        No you’re mom doesnt have the right to say ANYTHING! I mean dont get me wrong she is your mom…but technically by law since you are pregnant, you are an adult until you have the baby & after you have it your mom signs for everything as far as your medical things, but its your baby, your body…. she is your mother…not your baby’s mother.

        I hope everything works out for you!

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          She is legally responsible for you until you are 18. Shes only responsible for YOU, now if you were getting married, she would have to agree and sign papers, if you are under 18, but when it comes to your child, NO ONE can decide what you do. You can keep your child, don’t worry ok? Just don’t worry about it right now, and go on with a healthy pregnancy and once the baby comes, I’m sure she’ll change her mind, afterall, she’s seeing her grandchild, and all the joys, then she would be begging you for forgiveness for what she said. Good luck hun 😉


            it is NOT legal for you mother to tell you what to do with your child….it’s be just as illegal if she were to try and force you to get an abortion…

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