do help me. .!please!. .so CONFUSE. .!!

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      hi . ..i’m just 15 and turning 16 nxt month. ..i’m just a little bit paranoid today coz my boyfrend and i had a sex last mnth. .hmm. ..ac2ally we doesnt even do an intercourse. ..he had just fingered me (sorry 4 the word) couple of times . .but the things that bothered me lot, is that he had been ejaculated but not inside me. .its just he had touched his semen after wiping it with his towel den agen do some fingery to me. it possible to be pregnant though he had been using his finger and not even try inserting his penis (again sorry for the word) to me???

      kindly please answer me as soon as possible. ..


        it is possible but highly unlikely, have you gotten ur period?


          most likelyy your not ! its like a 5 of 100 chance that you are pregnant


            hmm. .not yet.’s already 2 days late. .can u give me how many percent does can be happen?. .thanks for ur reply. .


              so i guess it coild be that , i had the same thing happen to me but i didn’t get pregnant that way if you are curios take a pregnancy test to find out so you feel better and it may help if your period has come or not . Hope you can find away to feel better


                yeah it is possible but RARELY happens, if your worried get a pregnancy test or go to the doctors

                b x

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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