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      you appear to be?

      I’m 20 weeks on the lmp. I’m 17 weeks supposedly the doc says by ultrasound. The thing is I just started my period 4 months before I got pregnant. So the standard lmp isn’t really accurate since I’m not consistant yet or whatever. Anyway I looked it up and I saw the procedure I’d probably have but it varied within the weeks. I’m just wondering do abortion clinics go with the standard one or what like seems around the date deal?


        Hey you, I have seen both situations, they have gone by the LMP and also by how far along you appear to be, both make abortion a dangerous thing, have you seen what your baby looks like at 20 weeks? Abortion clinics do not like you to see in detail, they have also been known to mess with the clarity on the screen so it looks fuzzy,Please I beg you to go to this site and read what your baby is capable of right now, ,also with a second trimester abortion they are going to have to do a D&E, dilation and extraction…extraction is a key word, I hate to be graphic due to the fact that many girls on the site have been through this and do not care to relive it so I will be as gentle as possible without sugar coating it….they dilate your cervix then they literally cut your baby into sections, they remove the arms, legs and then take the head from the torso and crush it, they then extract all the pieces of your baby and reconstruct in on a tray to make sure all the pieces are there, there have been babies who have survived at how far along you are, here is baby Amelia’s story, , The clinics do not want you to know this stuff, they make money off of your dead baby, please call this number 1-800-395-HELP, they do not get paid to give advice, and anything you receive from them whether an ultrasound or whatever is FREE, they do not have a financial motivation when it comes to what they tell you….please, email me if you have any other questions, I am here for you but please, do not put yourself through the painful misery of abortion….You are not alone….Love Meg,


          I’m only 17 weeks along like I said by the sonogram it’s not a baby it’s still just fetus tissue tbh.


            it is very much a baby. a baby has lived at 21 weeks. watch a silent scream on you tube. it is an ultrasound of an abortion at twelve weeks and that BABY was kicking the instument that was ripping its limbs off and trying to get away. youre baby is quite a bit farther in development than twelve weeks. There are sooo many people out there looking for a baby to adopt and here you are being selfish and literally wanting to throw youre child away.


              That is far from true, your baby is a BABY. No matter what the abortion people say. It’s not fair that you waited so log to get an abortion. Your baby feels pain. Your baby has a heart beat. Your baby has ten tiny fingers, and ten tiny toes. Your baby looks just like a newborn baby, just a lot smaller. Read more about your baby inn the second trimester. You will see so much you probably never knew. I hope you make the right choice. Even if you still don’t want your baby have the baby. Give YOUR baby the gift of life, then let a good family adopt your baby. YOUR baby deserves that.


                Hey, I just wanted to say I am 17 weeks pregnant, and I am feeling my baby move around and get to find out what I am having in a couple weeks!! Dont go to an abortion clinic. You have a baby in there, that wants to be loved!! If you need to check out adoption, there are so many wonderful parents on a huge waiting list for a healthy baby to adopt. It is the most amazing thing to get to know that you helped another human come into the world, you couldnt ask for a bigger blessing. I am not saying its all cupcakes and roses, but its so worth it in the end!! How far along are you, when was your last period? Drs go off the day of your last period.


                  Also,whats your due date? Mine is January 11th. I just read your post about that you are 17 weeks too!! I also have a 16 month old son. I will tell you that the abortion clinics make their money giving abortions. They dont like to call a baby a baby because that makes people feel bad and they want people to not feel like they are really killing your baby. They have abortion clinics because most of the drs who deliver the babies dont want to do abortions because they know they are babies.
                  On Saturday I was laying in bed, not sure if I was feeling the baby move or not, and I looked at my bare tummy. The baby was pushing so far up that the left side of my stomach looked lopsided. It was so cool. You should start to feel your baby move in a couple weeks here. It will feel like little flutters at first, but then it will become more obvious and you will start to feel those hard punches and kcikes and see the baby move around as your belly changes shapes!! Your baby is 5 1/2 inches this week, and about 5-6 oz. So look at a ruler at 5 1/2 inches and see how large your baby is already!! Its crazy, but they start growing about a 1/2 inch every week, and soon they will be gaining 1/2 a lb each week. If you were to do an ultrasound today your dr could tell you if the baby is a boy or girl!!!

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