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      :angry: :dry:
      We have uni exams starting from, well actually this Saturday, so today, but MY first exam is on a Monday.
      What happened is that I couldn’t get babysitting for that exam, and I tried. I did hand my form in a bit late, but I was still trying to get babysitting before then. You know, looking around trying to find someone, but people are either working, have an exam or busy otherwise.
      So I asked them (uni) for a special examination, becuase there is NOONE to babysit. I have no family in this country, and my ex…well he’s just an ex who’s off there having fun at nightclubs or something, I don’t know, we don’t talk and he has no relationship with us.
      And they rejected it.
      I’m a bit lost on what to do, other than being :angry: . I know, partially it’s my fault for handing it in a little late, but STILL, the reason they stated was that my reason did not fit into the rules for special examination, and I was looking for babysitting before the whole handing in stage.
      I mean, what exactly am I supposed to do, leave a two and a half year old alone at home.
      Grr…Sorry for the rant, what I’m getting at, does anybody have any suggestions? Should I go to the discrimination officers or something?


        Yes. Complain to uni or they could flunk you. Im doing a supplementary exam for a topic of uni i did last semester in january, i got it because i was pregnant/would have a baby. I asked them that same question. What if i couldnt find a sitter? And they said then apply for a supplamentary exam and i got it. If i can then you should be able too.


          yes i would say something too, just to voice your opinion. What sucks is that they should be happy that as a young mum you want to further your career as well as looking after a child.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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