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      It was really weird. I was anorexic and wasn’t having periods. So I thought I couldn’t get pregnant. (I was engaged at the time). I love the beach and my fiance, said go on a vacation by yourself. (my hormones were crazy, I thought it was because my parent’s were getting a divorce). So I spent 2 wks. at the beach. Swimming alot. Came back home, my now Husband and I decided to live together.

      so we did, nothing much to live on. Our first and only piece of furniture was a lawn chair! Then something told me to go to the Dr. I ignored the fact that my breasts were tender and I threw up only once. But still, a little voice was in my head.

      So, I went. Was floored I was 4 mos. pregnant and heard the baby’s heartbeat.I didn’t know what to do! I was just 21. I had planned to marry just not this soon!

      But we got married. and there is a happy ending. We are still married going on 25 yrs. My son is very smart and working on his Master’s.

      Not saying it was easy, but I would like to have a baby at a younger age. But women that decide to wait til later is fine by me. Gina

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