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      My last period was october 31, 3005, it is now dec 1,2005. I just took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but i was wondering if i tested it to early or if i need to go to a doctor and let test me, my breast are sore, i have ing cramping sometimes but not painful enough to take midol for it. i have heard that sometimes pg test can be wrong. what do you think I should do?


        Well i guess it all depends i also had taken a test in november and it also came out negitive but if u read the paper it says things like if u had drank alot it woulnt show up and also things like you should take 1 a couple of days later if your almost apsoluly sure you might be i plan on takeing another test because my last period was in auguest and if u have alot of stress in your life that can affect your period 🙂
        hope i could help :kiss:


          [i]i would go to the doctor you might not be pregnant but something else could be wrond


            It usually takes at least 10 days from conception before a test would detect a pregnancy. Most tests reccommend testing after you have missed a period. I’m not sure how regular your cycle is…. you’re not very late. I would see if your period starts in the next week or two. If it does not, I would take another test. If the second test is negative you are most likely not pregnant (although for a few women a blood test is needed to detect pregnancy), but might consider seeing your doctor to get checked out. Best Wishes.



              I Had To Do 5 Test Before I Forsurely Found Out I Was Pregnant…Maybe Take Another Test Or 2

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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