did i have a miscarriage?

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      hi everyone, if you have read my other post you’ll see ive said i REALLY want a baby, im 18 and me and my bf are NOT TRYING for one yet because we havent spoke about it, he doesnt know i want one. a while ago i thought i was pregnant, my stomach felt bloated, i was weeing a lot and this was even before i missed a period. it was just something in me, i felt a change, i knew my period wouldnt come, sure enough my period was late, on the due date of my period i got very slight brown discharge (like implantation bleeding) and that was all. my period didnt come for a week and i became more and more excited (baring in mind my period is NEVER LATE )i even began writing in a diary to my baby…, then the day before i was going to take a test my period came 🙁 was this a miscarriage?


        Erm…it could have been, I’ve read somewhere that 2/3 pregnancies end before the mother even knew she was pregnant at all.

        But then again, it may just have been a late period. I think thats the best way to look at it anyway, it will just be upsetting if you believe that you did have a miscarriage, and the truth is you will never know for definate.

        It’s best not to dwell on it and talk to your boyfriend about what he wants babywise 🙂 he might feel ready too. If not, you can have fun planning it for the future 🙂

        good luck xx

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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