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      Lately, like in the past week or so, I’ve become increasingly more&more depressed. I’m just about 30 weeks along. I’m in a happy relationship, but I can’t seem to make myself feel happy anymore.
      Money is the only thing thats been on my mind. My boyfriend and I are getting almost everything handed to us for this baby and all we’ll really need to buy is diapers maybe, we might try cloth ones to save money. I just lost my job(the resturant is seasonal)and it’d be pointless for me to get another job being so close to my due date… My boyfriend has a very well paying job, but for some reason he says never has any money and I KNOW the bills he has are not $1500 a freaking month.

      Did anyone else feel like this while they were pregnant? Wanting to cry a lot, not wanting to get out of bed and almost feeling sick??
      Its funny, because a week ago the doctor had me take a survey about depression and I was totally fine, now all of a sudden I’m just blah.


        Honestly its probably just pregnancy! I am a super happy person normally but with both my pregnancies I was sooo depressed. After delivering I felt like myself again and better. I am not a good pregnant person. Pregnancy is already stressful enough without money issues and every little thing that is stressful seems even worse when you are bringing a new baby in the world. I know when I am pregnant I feel like everything has to be perfect when the baby arrives, but they arrive and they just sleep and cuddle and all the ” must haves” dont seem like that big of a deal in the end. I do cloth diapering and LOVE it. I never thought I would like it and almost didnt try it, but now I not only save money, but I love how much cuter they are than disposables. Plus my baby girls bottom is super sensitive and she does better in cloth. Feel free to write me anytime on here. I can totally relate and although I am not pregnant right now, I had 2 hard pregnancies and I am completely wacko when I am pregnant.LOL. I can relate!! 🙂


          Thanks ChristyRose(: I feel better today. The past few days have been total hell in my head though.
          At least I’m not alone… Or crazy(: haha.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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