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      Ladies i thank you so much for supporting me and giving me advise. I spent a lot of time crying and thinking about what would right for not just me but this chile as well. Right now im not working a steady job, neither is he. My cell phone was cut off and i cant even afford my own cravings. I cant bring a life into a world where i cant even take care of myself. I live in my step fathers house(well his family’s house)…and a few months ago…my mother over heard me on the phone talking about my pregnancy(the 1ne that i miscarried) and she came into my room talking about she had a dream i was preggnant. I laughed at her and continued on the fone(changed topics of course)…she laughs and says…"well i already kno that when you are, i gotaa pack up my kids and clothes and leave from this house".
      I shook my head and said okay mother…..and i knew that was her way of saying that there was no room for my child in this house. Her husbands house. I dont have family support like many people do. I would have no money..and i refuse to bring a child into a world where thngs have to be so hard. If i at least had 100 bucks in the bank to say i can make some sorta moves with this….but i dont. I dont have a dime right now. and it all just seems to be getting worse. My job mixed up account numbers and apperently my past two checks have been going into some1ne else’ account. I dont kno if this is a sign or what but im just taking it as I want my baby to never worry about money or where home is. Its going to be a very rough time for me after i get the procedure done. But i hope that i can still turn to you ladies for support.
      One thing i must make clear is that this decision was not because of my boyfriend. Beacuse we had a huuuge fight and i told him that he could leave. If i decided to keep my baby, it was my decision. I didnt need him. But now i think…and i am just like….can i really do this without any1ne? Its not fair to my baby. So again…i will keep you posted…thank you again…:)


        Yes, it is your decision. But I just want to throw in my two cents. I have been through some really tough financial situations. My hubby’s been out of work for a few months and I’m at home 6 months pregnant with our first. Last month we hit rock bottom-no way out, or so it seemed. We couldn’t pay our rent, had no money for groceries, no car, no work, and no family members with any extra money. We started packing our things with no idea where we would go. At the last possible moment, God heard my prayers of desperation and provided us with rent money and gave us a car. Next week my husband will probably have a very good paying job and I will be able to finally get some much needed maternity clothes. So don’t give up, and don’t worry about bringing a baby into the world that’s already on the way. I don’t know if you believe in God or the Bible, but He has promised to be a father to the fatherless and to provide for our needs so have faith, ok? Keep in touch and if I can help I will. We have been helping a neighbor girl who is 17 and has a 1 1/2 yr. old baby girl. I’m proud of her for the choice she made to keep her baby despite her financial odds. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Blessings and best wishes whatever your choice!


          hey i have been there i thought the same thing…would i actuaaly be able to do this on my own… and you know what i know i can do this on my own… the father left and moved back to mexico…back to a whole nother country!!!! but hey it makes you strong and you want to give your child a good life so you will be determind to do it and then you’ll succeed….


            its okay. i mean u know what ur gonna do. im 2 month pregnant. only 14 and i dont know waht to do. my boyfriend is 18 adn if my mom finds out its his then hsi going to jail. my mom would kill me if she foound out. im so scared. im really close to her. and my life it had never been easy. so i dont have a job niether. cant really afford my cravings. i hope u get better, and when u pray tonight please pray for me to. cuz i need it. thank u


              I know this must be a very hard time in your life but did you eer think of adoption, there are many organazations out there that can helpyou financially until the time comes to give birth to the child. Pleae rethink you decision not only is it important for you and the baby but for some other couple out there who desperatly wants a child


                Fahtma, I hate to tell you this, but your boyfriend is probably going to be in trouble no matter what you decide. Abortion clinics are required to report rape cases even if it is just statuatory. So if that’s your main concern you might as well have the baby. An abortion is not going to help him, it is not going to help your relationship with your mom, and it DEFINITELY won’t be best for your baby!


                  Honey you have 2 other VERY REAL CHOICES!!

                  I have to address what you said about "not being fair to your baby". Please think about how fair it is to KILL YOUR BABY, becasue once you do it it is FINAL and so many girls here bravely share their guilt and trauma over their abortions.

                  YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS>

                  1) You can get public assistance and YOU CAN KEEP THIS BABY! TRULY. You can get into school (I don’t know how old you are) and you can BECOME self sufficient. Financial situations change.

                  2) YOU CAN GIVE THIS BABY ACHANCE AT A BEAUTIFUL LIFE through adoptin. My sons birthparents did. and WE ARE ALL VERY HAPPY – including them. We keep in contact – they see tons of pictures of him and THEY KNOW HE IS ALIVE AND WELL AND THRIVING! Please – there are so many resources online AND there are potential adoptiove parents willing to HELP you get on your feet financially!

                  Please stop and think first.Please BE /FAIR TO YOURSELF and your baby!! You can email me if you need an adult to talk to. I can give you phone numbers, etc.

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