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      Dear my little sugarplum.

      Mummy and Daddy still miss you baby. We love you so much, no one will ever take your place.

      Its mummy 17th next month. Im getting a tattoo- for you. so you will forever be with me. If you could see it when its done, i think you’d like it. I have drawn it out and everything. Daddy likes it :).

      Mummy is struggling alot with everything lately, but i try to carry on- i like to think you are watching me sometimes so i want to make you proud. Baby- i never stop thinking about. Not even for one second! Like i said in my last letter, you will always be Mummy and Daddy little baby, our first child!

      I love you so much baby! forever and always.

      Mummy and Daddy



        I think that is beautiful i write to my baby all the time. i got a tattoo aswell for my baby. its a butterfly with two hands setting it free

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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