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      I am new to this whole mommy thing. I’m 17 and i have a 6 month old son. I am married to my military husband who left for Iraq 3 weeks ago. We have been together for 4 years; marred for 1. I am having a hard time dealing with being alone. I live 500miles from my hometown. I dont want to be depressed, i want to be strong. I just miss my husband so much it makes it hard for me to get out of bed and start my day. If it wasnt for my son, I proably wouldnt. I just want to know peolpe who can feel what i feel. I hurt so badly but i cannot let me baby know how i feel.


        Check your local newspaper for community activities and group meetups (maybe for young moms) or even the other military wives if you live on post. You definitely aren’t the only one, so try and reach out to those others who are feeling like you do. Run a freeby ad yourself inviting other young moms to meet up. If nothing else, have coffee a couple of times a week with "the girls" you will meet, take a class, volunteer, etc. Even if you need a sitter for an hour or so, do something to make you happy, preferably with other people, not lone activities. Good luck honey. I remember feeling that way when my son was a baby.


          Well I can imagine how difficult it is to not have your husband around I was a single mom for 4 1/2 years before I got married and I was abstinent for 3 1/2 years before my wedding night so I know lonely…..I started going to church and I made some friends but no person not even my husband can compare to my friendship with Jesus…any time I am lonely I read my bible and its like having a conversation with God…He understands everything I am going through even when my husband doesnt…He has been rejected more than I have ever been so He can relate to me when I feel hurt….There are so many good and precious promises in the bible..He promises to turn our ashes into beauty and our mourning into joy…He promises that He has good thoughts toward us to give us a future and a hope….I know that its hard to get out of bed with out the right motivation but reading my bible to see what the Lord has for me each day has been a good enough reason for me…try it sometime….it might make motherhood easier and more joyful…it has for me…I hope this helped…Love and Prayers…Meg


            hey, cookie
            I know how you feel my husband is a marine, you really need to find a good support system, I found a really good church if thats not for you there are alot of mommy groups out there.


              i know exactly how you feel. my husband is in the navy but hes with the marines. if you need to talk…


                Sorry sweetie, I know how you feel my husband is a marine ooooorrraaaa!!!!!:laugh: and I had my first baby a month after my 18 b-day. I found alot of good friends in church, but if that’s not you’re cup of tea there are lots of mommy groups. Try you’re local libary they will have the local parent mag and it should have some group post.

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