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      Hi everyone, im nic. this is my first post on SUG.

      I am around 9 weeks pregnant and am struggling to deal with my hormones.

      i feel like a crazy person, i get mad easily go in huffs etc.

      my bf feels i am pushing him away and im scared were not gonna last 🙁

      how do i handle this ?



        You are pregnant, every day that you are pregnant your hormones build up, what you are feeling is normal, I know it is hard, I was a total psycho so just know that you are not alone and that as your pregnancy goes along your hormones will level out a bit,then get bad again towards the end…You can make it through, maybe have your boyfriend read up on pregnancy with you online, there are tons of posts in these forums about hormonal women fighting with their boyfriends so he will be able to understand what you are going though a little better!! Just take breaks and time outs when you need to, also make sure you are eating healthy and drinking lots of water, if you are hungry or dehydrated it can make you grouchy easier!! Love Meg


          hey there, firstly, congrats on d pregnancy

          i think u should explain calmly to ur bf and get him to read up on how pregnant woman behave coz this is not ur fault, its totally normal and he doesnt know that…. so the quicker he gets clued up on it, the better he will be able to handle it wen the time comes and he will know that u are not doing it 2 push him away


            Yeah i was bad in the beginning too, i would freak out at my fiance for almost nothing at all or sometimes because he was the only person near me. What always helped me was when i was done being mad or stressed or whatever i would always go up to him and say sorry and that it wasn’t really him i’m just really moody latley and he seemed to understand. It helps to let them know that it is not always them as it is hormones, maybe your bf is not quite understanding that. It defiantly is a thing to get used to.


              i dont want to say this but its going to get worse. i was able to control my hormones during my first few months but now that im only four weeks away from having my baby im going crazy and im also taking it out on my boyfriend but if he really wants to be there he’ll understand that its nothing personal and you just are really emotional and moody, but trust me.. it gets worse. some days i just cry for no entire reason at all. other days i yell and get mad and it sucks cause its not the way i am.
              but just relax and do things that help to calm you down.


                Keeping open communication with your loved one will always relieve the tension in the air. Like when you see him do the eye roll thing :unsure: and he’s saying “whatever dear!!” It’s absolutely normal to lose your patience with your enlarged belly, your sore legs, your cramps and pressure down below, and your overall feeling of puffiness, :blush:

                But, you have to let him know that your sorry for your lack of grace and feminity, but that you just want him to continue to support you because that’s what has helped you get through your pregnancy so far…..
                ” Sweetheart, I love you and I’m sorry I’ve been a miserable wretch, but please just ignore my behavior and know that you’ve been wonderful, and supportive and I’ll try not to take it out on you.”

                Maybe not in those exact words, but I have had breakdowns on my husband where he’s had to just leave me sitting there crying with my hugeness for awhile, so that he could regain his gentle, loving nature that I sucked out of him. I couldn’t blame him.

                Yes, they need to understand our physical symptoms related to pregancy, but we need to also respect their emotions as well. It’s a fair trade.

                Physically, your body’s need a release of the hormone build up. Brisk walking everyday x 2, will get your circulation going and pumps oxygen to your brain and to that beautiful baby. It also helps flush out all the bad air and recycles fresh air to your lungs and into your blood. You will see a difference in your mood, your overall attitude especially late in your last trimester, and you will feel healthier overall. It always worked for me. I even felt prettier with a little tan from all the walking.

                Good luck with all of your pregnancies!!


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